This web is mainly a collection of memories of the people of the 68 Minto Christian Brothers novitate group and those who were with them. Most of the material comes from a series of emails that have been sent in the years 2007 and 2008. It also includes our lives in subsequent years.

As of 1st February 2009, all pages, apart from this one, will not be visible without a user name and password. This will be distributed as an email or you can contact me, Peter Coe, to get them.


Note from Peter Coe

This site would welcome contribution from "y'all". This would include correction of facts or even spelling. The site is not, as yet, password protected and if there is article about you, that you would prefer, not to be on the web then let me know. The site is not advertised to outsiders. You need to know where it is to be able to easily access it.

If you have a contributions, whether it be article or photos, then email me preferable an attached word document. This would include your comment on any page. The information would need to be fairly "politically correct". Suggestions are welcome.


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Group photo with Austin Loftus

Link to Group Photo with Austin Loftus